Here are some specific actions One-Amarillo takes or will take to educate, prevent and engage.

speaking engagements

One-Amarillo has a number of qualified speakers who regularly educate civic groups, churches, Sunday school classes, businesses, first responders, child-care workers and anyone who advocates for children. If you are interested in having having one of our speakers for your group, email us at

DArkness to light/stewards of children

One of our most important objectives is to train first responders, health care workers, child care workers and children's advocates regarding child sexual abuse. We know that the majority of trafficked children are victims of sexual abuse prior to being trafficked; this one factor greatly increases likelihood of being trafficked. One-Amarillo currently has two Certified Facilitators for Darkness to Light, one of the most respected courses on recognizing and preventing child sexual abuse.  Check out Darkness to Light at


Another common factor in trafficking cases is employment in a sexually oriented business, such as a strip club, adult massage parlor or other adult entertainment venue. One-Amarillo reaches out regularly to workers in these environments for the purpose of instilling self-worth and value as members of God's creation. This has proven to be one of the most impactful aspects of the organization, both for the workers in these businesses and for those who volunteer.


We recognize that the problem of human trafficking is larger than any one organization. We believe that, in order to put an end to trafficking, we must partner with other faith-based and non-governmental organizations (NGO's), churches, government agencies, law enforcement, first responders, health and mental health care workers, child advocacy groups and the general public.        A coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach is what will be required to accomplish the goal of stopping human trafficking in our cities and region.

safe housing

One-Amarillo is working toward two different approaches to safe housing for minor sex trafficking victims:

  • Traditional group home with full time, trained and certified care-givers.
  • Trauma-informed foster with families who are fully trained and certified to accept individual trafficking cases, or siblings if necessary. (No group foster homes for trafficked children.)


Since most trafficked individuals entered into "the life" as minors, there is typically little legitimate job or life-skills training that has taken place. One-Amarillo looks to develop relationships with local businesses as well as develop a mentoring program for survivors of trafficking. It is our strong belief that survivors can go on to lead healthy, productive lives if they are given the proper tools to do so.